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DIYA is a non-invasive vocal biomarker technology that can assess respiratory health risks and detect Covid 19. With DIYA, it is easy to diagnose symptoms and identify risks based on the voice analysis of an individual in real-time. DIYA is in a real sense voice for health as the whole tool works on voice and provides for better healthcare.

DIYA is a COVID-19 fast screening tool that allows for the early and asymptomatic detection of Covid patients. During its internal development, it reached an accuracy of 80-85%. The platform guarantees the highest level of data security (GDPR compliance) and noise resistance. With new and developing COVID-19 strains havoc around the world, ‘DIYA’ technology is a critical driver in the struggle to protect against and eradicate COVID-19 and its mutations. DIYA’s ease of use, accessibility, smart design, and high accuracy make it an important tool in our race to move past the pandemic’s omnipresence. Our voice has the potential to be more than a medium to convey our thoughts, it can be a diagnostic tool and DIYA plans to bring about this change.

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